Wednesday, April 11, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

It was actually pretty quiet around here this past week, other than the weather being stupid. But the weather people keep saying spring is coming, so I'm trying to have faith... It's tough considering it was 28 degrees this morning when I woke up. But I'm seeing numbers in the 60's for tomorrow through Saturday, so that's promising! If it happens... Sunday though? Back to the 40's. Sigh.
I didn't get to ride after work last week, but I did finally get back on this weekend. Woohoo!
Jampy actually feels pretty good other than being neurotic. He can't help that. He sees dead horses AND hears voices. So that's a lot to deal with for him. But he's looking pretty beefy:

He's developed a bit of a dad bod over the winter... but it's been a long winter. Probably time we both buckle down and drop some LBS. (HA. Easier said than done it would seem.)
Rio came out a bit more off this week than last. I did tack walk him this weekend.
But I think he's going to have a couple of weeks of just turnout and hand walking until that leg looks a little better. Probably he would benefit from stall rest, but I can't do that to him. At his age, I'd rather he be happy than sound. If it continues to get worse, and/or of the vet thinks it's imperative he stay cooped up to heal, then we'll cross that bridge when we get there.
So you know what that means right? MORE TIME for working Jampy into shape! Ha! Poor dude. Monday I didn't ride, but last night I did. And the weather looks decent through the weekend. We may get some rain Thursday, but it's iffy. If we get to ride consistently all week, I'm hoping maybe Sunday we can hop over some baby jumps maybe. If his brain stays in his head and all.
In other news, the weekend was freezing cold so the Puggers missed out on walks. Sorry pugs, momma's a wimp. Instead they did a lot of lounging because that's what pugs do.

That's about all that's up this Wednesday. I'm still trying to figure out when to go visit Badger. Maybe the end of next week/weekend. But we'll see. Now that I'm finally riding up here, it makes me want to stay home!

How was your week? Have you been riding a lot? Any plans for the weekend?


  1. That nesting photo is so dang cute though! I'm glad you've been getting in some riding though, even if Jamp is having some 6th Sense issues haha. Yay for spring almost kind of sort of being here? (Minus Sunday, our Sunday looks crappy too)

    1. Isn't she the cutest laying in toy mountain?!
      Maybe we should just enjoy the days through Saturday, sleep through Sunday, and start again next week?

  2. I think my spirit animal is a pug.

    1. Mine definitely is. If reincarnation is a thing, I want to come back as a pug.

  3. WOW Jampy looks AWESOME! I don't think he looks that fat! Sorry that Rio isn't feeling better :(.

    I'm hacking my Rio this evening and then doing a jump lesson on Saturday. My barn friend is letting me use his Solo Shot during my lesson, so I will hopefully have lots of video to share soon!

    1. Thanks! Jampy doesn't think he's fat either. I think perhaps a little muscle tone will tighten things up a bit!
      It's ok about Rio, far from his heart at least!
      Oh, let me know how you like the solo shot! I have it on my birthday list!

  4. His dad bod looks pretty smexy!