Wednesday, April 4, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

Phew! It's been a busy seven days. Let's jump right in, shall we?
Last Thursday I had a half day at work so I could meet the vet to finish up spring shots and have teeth checked/floated. Fortunately, I got home well before the vet arrived and had time to give Jampy a lunge. He was all sorts of wild, and my neighbor cutting down a tree was not at all helpful. We survived though!
Both boys got their rabies shots, and Jamp got his flu/rhino booster. Rio can't get that one anymore due to his immune issues from the EPM. Although Jamp hasn't had his teeth floated in a year, he still wasn't quite due. Perks of old age I guess?
Rio, however needed his teeth done. Oddly enough the older horse is growing teeth better! He has a bit of an odd chewing motion (also from the EPM) so he has a tendency to bite his cheek. Doc rounded off one of his teeth that seemed to be making a bit of a sore on his cheek, and did a light float all around. Rio HATES having his teeth done, but did enjoy his cocktail.

I think Jamp was a little jealous he didn't get to partake in cocktail hour. After Rio woke up, I met up with my book club ladies at a local pub for some wine and dinner.
Friday was the first night of Passover so the boys were going to have a day off. I figured that was probably nice for them since they got shots the day before. They didn't seem to mind. I had dinner at my Dad and Step mom's. It was delicious! The first of many large weekend meals...
And then Saturday, as you already know was the BIG DAY! I brought Sally the Sundowner up to Rhode Island and traded her for Frida the 4Star!
The trailer place was about an hour and a half away. I was home with plenty of time to get the boys out before heading to the second night of Passover seder. The most exciting part was that it was actually sunny out! We don't see that too often.
Jamp has a tough time with shots every year, but I'm the worst mom and regularly forget that. So I didn't pre medicate him. Sorry buddy. He wound up with some pretty large hind legs this time. I made sure he didn't have a fever and decided to just have a leisurely walk/trot day to try and get the swelling out. He, however, had other plans. Kid was nuts! So we wound up walk/trotting, but it was anything but leisurely! He felt nice and sound though, so I guess that part's good. The swelling came down some but not enough, so I checked in with Doc. He said just to wrap him and give him a little Banamine with dinner.
Rio's been a bit off this spring. At first I thought it was something with his feet, but then last week I felt a little knot on his left front just under his knee. There wasn't any heat, and minimal swelling but also, he lives on a small amount of daily NSAID. I had doc palpate that and get his opinion. He thinks a little strain on the deep digital flexor tendon. Not too serious, so we can keep tack walking and just see how it goes. So we absolutely did that in the sunshiny day on Saturday!
Saturday evening I spent with my mom, my brother, and his family enjoying a lovely meal and an abbreviated Passover Seder. My niece didn't quite make it through dinner though...
And yes, this one looks just like me. I might keep her. She'll be adorable on a pony...
Sunday morning I got up nice and early to park the trailer. But you read all about that yesterday. After doing that, I took my twisted ankle back inside, got a better pair of sneakers, and took the pups out for a hobble around the 'hood. I tried coupling them again, but Artie was wild, and P wasn't having it.
So we went back in for a second leash and started over. And visited with Rio before heading out for our walk.
I bummed I didn't get it on camera, but when Rio saw the pugs out he came trotting right up to them. He loves his little bro and sister. Artie barked at him, but Rio wasn't offended.
The boys would have another day off because we had Easter brunch scheduled with my little brother's grandma. She just turned 98 and still lives at home. She does have full time supervision, but she's holding her own.
I debated riding when I got home but it was almost six and I was fighting a food coma pretty hard. So that was that. The boys didn't seem to care. The nice thing about having old horses is that they don't mind days off!
So Monday rolled around and I woke up to this:
Yeah. It's winter again. Still? Whatever. It's not 70 and sunny I know that! Clearly, no riding Monday night. It had mostly melted by Tuesday morning, which was nice. But then it poured buckets all day. Today was rainy for half the day, but it got nice during the drive home. Jampy had a lunge and light ride. Rio just had a nice grooming. He doesn't need to be slopping through puddles. Currently the wind is HOWLING (50 mph wind gusts anyone?) so that should dry the ring up right? Tomorrow is supposed to be nice, then more snow for Friday and Saturday. Oh goody. If spring doesn't show up soon, I'm going to find myself locked up in the funny farm!
And that's what's up this Wednesday! What's up with you? Did you celebrate any holidays this weekend? Spend time with the ponies?


  1. We celebrated Easter with my family a day early, and then had a quiet actual Easter at home (because snow was in the forecast, although thankfully we got less than they called for!). No pony time, which sucked. And we have more snow in the forecast for this weekend. WHERE IS SPRING?!

    1. Ugh, what is the deal with the snow? I mean, I'm sorry it missed it's chance all during February, but no make-ups!

  2. I am so absolutely and completely over snow. I'm going to lose my mind soon. I'm supposed to be sipping wine at a spring steeplechase on Saturday. That's so not happening now :_(

    1. UGH! Worst! This weather is stupid. I want some sunshine and sandals please.
      Maybe we can get a discount at the funny farm if we check in together?

  3. Damn 98 and still at home! She's a trooper

    1. She really is! We tried to convince her to move to assisted living so she'd have people around to socialize with, but she wanted no part of it.

  4. Love the new trailer! The Seder meal has always fascinated me!

    1. Thanks! I hope I get to use it this year for something fun!
      I enjoy the Seder meal, as long as I remember to have a snack before it starts! (It can get pretty long.)