Thursday, September 14, 2017

Thursday's Threads

Happy outfit day everyone! This might be a first... Might not, but I think it is. Today you're going to see a repeat outfit. We were told to not look homeless today at work because corporate was coming for something or other. And I didn't really plan ahead, so I went with something easy to compile. Here it is:
Sorry about the poor lighting. But you've seen it before anyway! I'll do the run down again though, or this will be a very short post!

Top: Cabi
This is a REALLY thin knit. It's perfect for this time of year when it's cool in the morning and then oddly enough climbs into the 80's. (Also we're sitting at 75% humidity, so it's kind of unseasonable. No complaints here, this is my weather!)

Belt: Ralph Lauren
I found this belt on ebay awhile back, and I'm so happy I did! It's a croc embossed leather and the buckle there is half of a bit. Super cute.

Pants: Seven For All Mankind
I've not really been a floral person in the past. But for some reason, I really love these pants. They make my thighs look enormous... but they're pretty at least!

Shoes: Sperry
Earlier this year I realized I didn't have a nice blush colored shoe for any season other than summer. I was pretty excited to discover Sperry had me covered!

Arm Party:
Something look different to you guys? My trusty Hermes apple watch is currently incognito. The keepers broke on my leather band, so my parents are taking it with them to New York this weekend to get repaired. In the meantime, I borrowed this fab orange sportband so I can keep tracking my exercise. Since the orange doesn't QUITE go with my pale pink outfit, I tried to make it relevant with some coral toned bracelets. The first is from Ettika and the smaller friendship bracelet is by Pura Vida.

Righty is wearing the most awesome Kate Spade cuff to ever be made (UNICORNS!) and a wide H bracelet.

I managed to sneak in a ride last night, despite being told at 4 PM we were celebrating my sister-in-law's birthday at 7. It was quick, and I only had time for Jampy, but that does mean I have a riding outfit for you!

I'm kind of a sham wearing OTTB stuff since I no longer have an OTTB. Oh well. Maybe I'll have another one day!

Helmet: Charles Owen AYR8
Greenie. <3

Shirt: Barn Dog Apparel
You guys, when I saw this Notorious OTTB shirt, I thought it was PERFECT to wear with my little biter Romey. I still think it's perfect for him. Even if he's not here anymore.

Belt: Ariat
Clearly, I have a thing for exotic leather accessories. Tack of the Day had these Ariat belts on sale awhile back and I was excited to have a brown crocodile belt for the collection. Bonus points for it being patent leather. And having a spur buckle. Oh, also? It reverses to just a plain brown belt. Two for one!

Breeches: Unbranded
You've seen these before. I got them at Equine Affair a few years back. I tried to get more last year, but they said the company had just made a bunch of breeches the one time out of random fabrics they had taking up space. So there are no more to be had. Very sad. I'm hoping it might happen again though!

Boots: Tuffrider Regal
Spurs: Evoequine
Spur Straps: Stacie Originals
Nothing new here! Just the old standyby boots and some pretty rainbow spurs with matching straps.
Jampy matched me too last night!
Here's what he wore:

I am not actually remembering any of the brands... Sorry. Well, the halfpad is from Horze, and the saddle is Hermes. But the rest, I couldn't tell ya!

I may or may not have some new crocodile embossed outfits for both boys... I was in a hurry so they aren't debuting yet, but you will see them soon I'm sure!

That's what's I'm wearing today! (And yesterday.) What about you? Any new riding clothes you love? Have a favorite from today? Let's chat below!