Thursday, September 7, 2017

Thursday's Threads

Outfit day! Admittedly, I've been a little bit uninspiring with outfit day. I find season changes awkward. One day it's warm, the next it's cold. Yesterday started out hot and was practically freezing by the time I left work. Who even knows how to dress for that? So once again, I opted to be comfortable instead of overly fun and exciting. Not to worry though, I think my shoes save the outfit.
Yep. Comfy. Maybe next week I'll do better for you guys!

Top: Levi's
I happened upon this hoodie last year I think, when I was in Florida. It's heavy cotton, almost like a denim material. It photographs black, but it's actually a nice navy. I love the rope ties for the hood and at the waist. I do wish it had a little stretch to it, but overall I think it's cute.

Belt: Mane Jane
Mane Jane belts are still my favorite. I just grabbed a new one from their sale section the other day. Can't wait for it's arrival! I especially like that you can buy just the straps. They're reversible, so not only do you save by not needing the expensive buckle, but you also get two belts in one! Pretty good deal!

Jeans: Seven
These may actually be "jeggings". Hard to say for sure. They have a button closure plus a fly, and pockets on the butt. So I consider them jeans... But they're REALLY soft and stretchy which leans them toward jeggings. Whatever. I love them.

Shoes: Irregular Choice

There it is! The piece that saves the day! How amazing are these unicorn shoes?? I have zero self control so I wandered myself over to Irregular Choice's end of summer sale and well... these weren't on sale. I won't tell you how much I paid for them. But I will tell you I think they're worth every penny. Expect to see them again. And again....

Arm Party!
Lol, I posted this and forgot to include my jewels! So these are edited in...
Lefty is wearing a denim colored braided ribbon bracelet from Ettika. It's so pretty in person with the little strand of rhinestones in it.

Righty is donning a friendship style bracelet from Bay to Baubles along with a faux stone bangle. I'm not sure where I got that second one though, sorry!

So last night I almost didn't have a riding outfit to share. And then I did, but it was all for naught. The weatherman said it would rain all day, so I was thinking we'd be rained out. But then it was letting up after work, and the big green blog appeared to be moving out. So I got all dressed and ready to ride. Alas, the blob turned itself around and dumped all over the farm, so we wound up taking a rain day after all. But here's what I was GOING to wear riding:
I leaned navy this time! Though there's still green...

Helmet: Charles Owen AYR8
Greenie definitely gets the most use. I'm not 100% sure if it's because I love this one best, or if it's just because this one lives in the barn and the others don't.

Shirt: Ralph Lauren
Jacket: Yankees
This cute striped top from Ralph Lauren has 3/4 length sleeves which I like this time of year. Perfect for these in between days where you can't decide if you should wear short or long sleeves. Just meet in the middle!
My Yankees fleece has seen better days. It no longer has a pull on the zipper, and the binding on one of the sleeves has come undone. But I'm not ready to let it go just yet.

Belt: no brand
This one is exactly like those Hunt Club stretch belts. Except I got this one on Ebay for $3.50.

Breeches: SmartPak
I've had these awhile and you've definitely seen them before. They're denim, and I probably should have gotten them in a 30 instead of a 28. Oops.

Boots: TuffRider Regal
Spurs:Evo Equine
Spur straps: Homemade
Obviously on a rainy day I'm not going to bust out any of the fancy boots. These guys are still hanging on (just barely)! I think my rainbow spurs and straps make them a little more exciting at least.

And that's it for Thursday's Threads this week! I made a poor choice to stay up late and finally finish Pretty Little Liars on Netflix so getting up to run wasn't happening. I'm really the worst. What are you wearing to ride in these days? Any favorites from today's post?