Thursday, August 25, 2016

What's Up Wednesday!

Wednesday! Just barely at this point. Long day today. (Aren't they all?) It's been a relatively uneventful week as far as the four leggeds are concerned. Over the weekend I rode the Badger who was a wee bit full of himself ALL WEEKEND. Where do these kids get all that energy?! And why don't they share it?!
Thankfully, his sassiness is pretty controllable, but we opted to stick with flat work so nobody died.

Speaking of sassy kids... This one is becoming a sass-monster:
His current likes include scooting and spinning 180 degrees. Dislikes include going forward and paying attention. I predict some trainer rides in his future.
Romey gave me a little scare on Saturday though. He had reined in the sass that day and earned himself a walk/graze in the yard when we were done working.
I noticed after a little while that he was breathing awfully hard, so I got him walking. He wasn't catching his breath, so I got off and hosed him down with some lukewarm water. Still puffing like a dragon. Yikes. I hand walked him for awhile in the shade and finally he started to breath more normally. I gave him one last rinse off for good measure and stuck a fan in front of him for a bit.
That did the trick. I still don't know why he over heated like that though. We didn't work particularly hard and it wasn't all that hot out. I guess some things just stay a mystery.
Rio is still milking his fat back legs. He's finished his antibiotics, but still stocks up quite a lot when he's not moving around. I'm keeping him wrapped when he's inside to keep that to a minimum. Poor boy.
Jampy had a great jump school this weekend. I left the single jumps low, but I put the oxers out of the combinations up to 3'3". Maybe not big for real, but big for us lately! I stuck my phone in the fence and set it on video so I have some screen grabs to share!

After looking at all of the photos, I hiked my stirrups up a bunch. Look at that straight leg?! How did my stirrups get so long? And why am I laying on his neck? So many questions. I'm hoping to jump him again tomorrow. Will work on not standing on my toes and not laying on his neck.
A few weeks ago there was a deal on for a pencil drawing of your pet for $35.00. I've been wanting to get a drawing done of Rio for the longest time, and that price was certainly right. Since I have no self control and am lacking in decision making skills, I ordered four drawings: one of Rio, one of my old horse Bud, and one of each of the pups. I'd like to get Jampy done eventually too, but I'm not totally irresponsible with money. Anyway, I got to see previews of the drawings!

I love how they came out, though I wish I had sent a photo of Rio with his ears perked a little more. I can't wait to see the doggies'! The artist is Debbie Sampson. She's actually selling prints of the Bud drawing (the horse at the top) on ebay and etsy! My boy may find himself hanging in homes all over! Debbie has a deal for a colored drawing up on Doggyloot now for $45.00. It's such a great deal, so if you've been wanting an artist's rendition of your favorite pet, definitely check it out here!
Friday night I was up braiding until 2 am. But I have to say, they all came out great! And then I'm pretty sure all rubbed them to fuzzy nubs by morning... Worst. I seriously take photos just to prove they looked nice when I put them back.

The pugs have been so neglected of late. Thankfully they're pretty happy to just hang out. Such good kiddos. I can't wait to spend more time with them this weekend!

And that's pretty much all that's up this Wednesday Thursday! What's up with you?


  1. Those pencil drawings are incredible!

    1. She's amazing. I couldn't believe the price tag! I also can't wait for them to actually get here!

  2. Your stirrups do look a little long. I've found that my stirrup length sometimes has to be adjusted depending on what breeches I'm wearing. Is that weird? Maybe the leathers stretched a little during the summer heat!

    The laying on his neck isn't as bad as you think. Trust me - I have a HORRIBLE habit of picking apart my eq in pictures. Overall, you guys look great!

    1. I haven't noticed that with breeches, though I bet if you have some that aren't stretchy it would make a difference! I do notice it with different boots though. Like some have thicker soles and then your stirrups feel too short. I got new leathers, so I think they did stretch a bunch.
      Thanks for the compliment! He jumps really flat with this head up, so maybe he's jumping up to me ;) Haha. Yeah that must be it!

  3. I legitimately perused pug rescue sites for an hour yesterday. I partially blame you.

    1. AH! GO GET ONE!!! No get two... You won't regret it!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! I think the originals are delivering today... Cannot wait to get home to see them!