Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Truthful Tuesday: Medal Finals Edition

I've been competing at the Connecticut Hunter Jumper Association Medal Finals on and off since around 1992.
CHJA Junior Medal Finals circa 1996 with Bud
 I used to take my junior hunter, Just Humour Me (best known as Bud. Or Bud-Bud. Or Spud. Or Best Horse Ever) in the Junior Medal. We never made the call back, but back then there was only one medal final for juniors. Which meant although it was a 3' medal, I was showing against all the big equitation kids. We didn't stand much chance in that company! But we always had fun.
Once I moved into the adults, my odds got better. I've had varying forms of success:
Second place with Rio in 2013
 In 2013, Rio and I had an amazing day. Our trip was fine, nothing spectacular but nothing terrible about it. We were in 5th place after that phase.

I was worried about his behavior for the flat class. In his old age he would get really worried about horses coming up behind him and sometimes would kick out. But he was a perfect gentleman on the flat that day and we moved up to 4th. Then they tested the top four. I thought for SURE he would canter the trot jump and jig through the halt. But he did neither of those things. Our test was literally perfect and we moved up to second! SECOND! AT FINALS! Can you believe it? I still cannot. We got tons of spoils for our accomplishment.

In 2014 I took Jamp for the first time since Rio had retired. It didn't go particularly well. He spooked walking in and then was very tense and kind of running throughout the trip. He went around, and we weren't embarrassing. But we didn't make the flat phase.
2015 went better:
Jampy getting a prize!
We had a nice enough trip, though we did have a few steps of cross-canter in the bending line.

Our score in the low 70's did get us into the flat though! Just barely, we were the last one through. Our flat work was fine, but not stellar so we finished up in the same spot for 12th place. No complaints! That's the prettiest ribbon I've ever gotten!

By now you're probably wondering what this has to do with Truthful Tuesday. Well my friends, here comes a sad but true tale that I must share about this years finals....
I got qualified really early for this year. REALLY EARLY! Last September I had enough points to go to finals. I was the first one on the qualification list. How's that for planning ahead?! Impressive I know. As the summer has gone on and on and on... and I've realized that Jamp is not in fact ready for finals, I first decided to skip it this time. But then I thought, well maybe I can find something to ride. So I turned to Facebook. I got offered a REALLY nice horse to use. Not only that, but his owner said I could take him on a free lease, meaning I wouldn't have to pay to borrow him. Imagine that?! A free, REALLY nice horse to take to finals? That stuff doesn't happen to me. And so here it is... Today's confession:
You GUYS. I had the date wrong for when entries closed. I thought I could post mark them on Saturday the 6th. But they actually needed to be postmarked Wednesday August 3rd. I was offered that lovely unicorn on Friday the 5th. And thus ends my finals run for 2016.
Moral of my story today kids? Plan ahead. Read your entry forms. KNOW WHEN THEY CLOSE! And for the love of all things, don't wait for the last minute. Because that last minute may have already passed you by.


  1. Can you call and beg and plead and offer your first born? It's worth a try!

    1. Haha! I thought about it, but since I haven't even jumped a 3' course since last October, I figured I'd save my begging for a year that I might be more prepared.

  2. ugh that sucks I am so sorry :(

  3. Replies
    1. I considered that. But since I haven't jumped a 3' course since October, I figured I should save any free pass I might get for a time when I'm more prepared.

  4. I that's terrible. Is there no way to do a late entry?