Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What's Up Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday everyone! You would think I'd have a really exciting post for you this week since I spent last weekend at the horse show. But to be perfectly honest, it was pretty boring. I think hanging around at horse shows NOT showing has lost it's appeal. Better than not going at all, certainly, but I miss the show ring.
I got up to VT in the early afternoon on Thursday. I had a few things to get done at home before I left, and then we had a crazy storm that I didn't particularly want to drive in. I just missed the Welcome Stake, so my trainer was already done for the day when I arrived. I decided to run my couple of errands at the horse show and then find my friend I was staying with. It was pretty hot, in the upper 90's and 100% humidity. Not super fun to hang around in for no reason. I was quite productive on the errand front though. I have some half chaps I got on ebay that are pretty awesome but they were a little big. So I dropped them off at Beval to send out for alterations. My fly bonnets that I ordered a couple months ago had finally arrived too, so I dropped them at Mona's for monogramming. It felt good to get those things out of the way on the first day. Then I headed up the mountain to find my friend. She was hanging in the yard with my favorite Dalmation, Moxie who was enjoying the sprinkler:

Truth? That kept us entertained for a good hour. We had a nice dinner and an early bed time. A lovely day if you ask me!
Friday I got to have a lesson on Badger. I have zero media though. Sorry friends! He was a good boy, but this only riding him twice a week and hardly ever jumping together really isn't doing me any favors. I kept finding the long spot (to crossrails... terrible plan) then not releasing enough so he would get mad and drag me through the turn after the fence. I did get to play around with his stride in a line though, which was nice. I now know from experience that he can move up or shorten pretty easily to get whatever number I ask for. Pretty nice feature in a baby horse! Hopefully this coming weekend I can do some more jumping at trainer's and get more comfortable on him. Baby steps I suppose. Trainer wasn't showing Friday and neither was my friend so it was another early day at the show. I wandered into town for some Ben & Jerry's and accidentally did a little shopping while I was out there. Oops. Friday evening I ate the confused lobster roll, and then I made a good dent in my book for our book club meeting on Monday. (Last minute reader... apparently I'm exactly the same person I was in high school.)
Saturday morning I rode nice and early, so I could watch my trainer go in the Grand Prix. I just flatted, but Badger was really good.
Badger did not approve of sharing the camera with Tedeo

Yes I will wear my ears as long as it's ONLY ME in the picture!

I stick my tongue out at thee.
After watching the Grand Prix, I can honestly say my trainer is way more bad ass than I'll ever be. She has two horses that she shows at that level currently. One is just starting and he tends to have a few rails. He's very scopey but he gets distracted easily. The other is a little older, and while he jumps a bit unorthodox, he's a really nice horse. They've only been together less than a year, so they're still working on things, but this week they made their first jump off!

Right? I jump crossrails now... Anyway. Sunday morning I stopped at the show to watch my friend in the A/O hunters and then headed home. Thankfully no drama like the last time and I got home fairly early. I had planned to ride, but the the car said it was over 100 degrees out. I figured after three days off that wasn't really fair to the horses. So they enjoyed a day off while I cleaned up the house and picked my dogs up from my mom's.

Apparently Grandma's house is exhausting. Also, since it was still about 88 degrees at 9 pm:
Night swimming! It was the perfect evening for a dip in the pool. Monday was book club after work so the kids had a pretty long vacation. I finally got on last night though. Romey was a little off, so I'm going to see what we have today and then maybe will need to put a call in to the vet. They should be SOUND after all those days off! Sheesh.
This toy is for wearing yes?
Jampy was actually pretty good considering all the vacation days and it was getting pretty dark when I got on him. And then I took Rio out...
Yep. Cellulitis. So he's on some Banamine and SMZ's for a few days and hopefully this will be over and done with quickly. It's not easy getting older. Poor guy. Clearly, he does NOT like me going away without him.
Well... That's what's up this Wednesday! What's up with you?


  1. Ack sending good vibes for the cellulitis :( your trainer is definitely a bad ass, I prefer a friendly cross rail too!

    1. Thank you! I'm hoping he's all better like today...