Wednesday, June 15, 2016

What's Up Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday! Today's post will be brought to you by coffee and four hours of sleep. You know what's a terrible idea? Trying to do things like figure out why you have no music on your phone at 11:30 at night. That will lead to updating your software, but only after unsuccessfully trying to add songs for an hour and a half.... Good news is, I now have my entire music library on my phone. Yay?
This past week was a busy one! Though in that sort of way where you don't actually do anything outside of the norm. I don't really understand how that happens.
Let's start with pony updates!
I got to ride the Badger Saturday and Sunday morning. And spoke with trainer about bringing him home. Trainer thinks that's not the best plan. So I have some decisions to make. Decisions I don't really want to make. I have to work those out.
He was really good on Saturday and we even got to jump some little verticals. He's really honest and doesn't mind when I get excited and take the long one, or pull and pull and pull for the add. Good boy!
Sunday was really windy (shocking, right? I think New England is the new Windy City. Sorry Chicago). As a result of said wind, Badger was a little freshy pants. Nothing terrible, he was just up and looking for reasons to be spooky. Little does he know, his spooks have nothing on Jamp's!

Romes has been having a good week up until yesterday. I think he popped a splint though, so that should work itself out pretty quickly. I'm starting to really like him, I think he's going to turn out to be a good guy.
My vet was out Friday to see Jamp AGAIN. He did a lot of head scratching and made some weird thinking faces, and basically said that Jamp didn't respond to any of his maintenance. We're trying him on some inter-muscular glucosamine and an NSAID to see if that makes any difference. In the mean time doc wants him to work his bum off and see if we can make him either better (yay!) or worse and help lead to a diagnosis. He was ridiculously good on Sunday. Still the same sort of half lame as before but really well behaved. Sadly, it lasted only Sunday and he's been a spookasaurus ever since. I really wonder if there's something going on in that head of his. Like maybe he has horsey dementia?

I mean... he's perfect. Duh. He also had a visit with the vet on Friday. His cellulitis, is actually vasculitis which is why the antibiotics were of no help. Booo. The good news is, he can stick with his current work load since more movement is better for him. He does have to go on the steroid which is a little nerve racking though. As a horse with chronic epm, giving an immunosuppressant like a steroid isn't ideal. But so far he's doing just fine and it's helping with the inflammation. So fingers crossed it goes well!

"I'm being BAD!" lol... ok Rio.
In other news, I put on a dress and went to a baby shower on Saturday afternoon. It was perfect timing really. I rode Badger in the morning, then went to the shower at which point it poured rain for most of the time I was there. And then it cleared up so I could get everyone worked without getting wet! That's a weather win!

The puggers LOVED the gorgeous weather on Sunday. They aren't put off by the wind like the horses can be.

I also won a stuffed turtle in a claw game. That's big news. Or I need to get out more. One of those...

That's what's up this Wednesday! What's up with you? Are you competing this weekend? Running a race? What's up with YOU this Wed? I shall leave you with an image of me and flat Rio...


  1. Aw, Badger! I hope he comes home soon so I can see his cute face more often.

  2. You have the prettiest horses. Also, I can't get a picture you posted of Jamp running amuck in your "backyard barn" and how BEAUTIFUL it is. Have you done a tour of your barn on the blog yet? If not, I request one.

    ...if you're taking requests, haha! <3

    1. Thank you so much! Haha, Jampy isn't that bad, it's more obnoxious than anything else, he just scoots every few strides.
      I should do a barn tour! I'll have to take some new photos.

  3. Great post!