Wednesday, June 1, 2016

What's Up Wednesday!

I can't believe it's Wednesday already! These three day weekends really throw me for a loop. Honestly not a whole lot has gone on around here in the last week. Mostly just more of the same old stuff. But let's talk about it anyway, since you know... Ponies and Pugs!
It has been gorgeous around here lately! Monday was rainy, but we were due.

The puggers made me turn on the air conditioning. Apparently they think 81 degrees is too hot for a house? Weirdos.

It was too hot for puggie walks this weekend so they mostly just did what you see in the photos.

The ponies got new shoes on Saturday:

It was Romey's first time getting hot shod, and he was great for it! I mean he bit me once... but otherwise he was very good. Jamp had his hind shoes changed as his frogs were getting too soft from having pads on for so long. I think I may need to get them put back on though, he's not feeling very sound. It's not easy having old horses! Rio enjoyed his shoeing... you can tell because he's sound asleep. He's too much! Rio is still having some trouble with his cellulitis. The SMZ's didn't knock out the infection. Because of his epm using a steroid isn't an option. So that means we have to try Gentocine next. Not excited. Because look:

That's an enormous shot. ENORMOUS! He was so good for it tonight though. That horse amazes me every single day.

I didn't get to see Badger this weekend because he's in Saugerties at Hits. I know, right? He's at a horse show and I'm stuck at home! No fair at all. He's not showing, just learning how to hang out.
In other news, my favorite flowers have bloomed:
Lots of wild life has been hanging around the farm:
Rio and I encountered these two, so glad it wasn't with Jamp!

I ate a lot this weekend too:

But hopefully all the riding off set some of it?

Jamp heard the triathlon at the lake and thought he was back at the track... No bueno.

Rio stopped right here after our ride. Clearly he dictates when we're done.
The boys have been pretty good lately, so I tried to get them out to graze as much as time allowed.

Lastly, after reading Amanda's post over at the 900 Facebook Pony about Back on Track, I decided to semi take the plunge. Let's be real here. I'm way too cheap to buy a super expensive sheet that I'm really not sure I believe in. But I'm not so cheap that I won't drop $70 to try out the technology! So I bought the back pad and a surcingle.
Obviously Rio tried it first. Jury is still out, but he seemed less girthy when I tacked him up after he wore it for a bit. I'm curious to see if I notice any differences in Jampy with it, since he has been having some back soreness. I may slide it back further for Jamp because his back troubles are mostly lower back. I'll keep you posted!

I shall leave you with a photo of last night's dinner. Because well... my nights in the barn have been late!

What's up with you this Wednesday? Any news to report? Been riding? Running? Shopping? Anything exciting? Tell me what's up with you in the comments!


  1. What kind of flower is that? It's beautiful!

    1. It's a type of peony. It was already planted when I bought my house 10 years ago, and it's still going strong! This thing is hardy because I know nothing about caring for plants.