Thursday, June 2, 2016

Thursday's Threads: Pug Edition

Outfit Day!!!! It's been about a minute since I wore something silly and fun for Thursday's Threads. I figured that's a minute too long!
I know what you're thinking... That doesn't look silly at all. Looks kind of classy and boring. Well you are right. Sort of. Wait till we look closer!

Top: Oat and Fawn
That's right. There are little PUGS all over this top! Pugs! Curly tails and everything! I can't even. I happened to be browsing the sale section of the Golden Tote website one day, and lo and behold, I saw this top. I didn't think for a second before adding to cart. Best. Shirt. Ever.

Jeans: Earl Jeans
I wear these a lot. They are super comfy, very stretchy, and have rhinestone rivets on the pockets. What's not to love there?

Shoes: Anvali
Why yes, those ARE Pugs on my flip flops too! I stumbled across these adorable leather sandals when I was browsing Etsy. Seriously, I should never browse Etsy.... Costs me an arm and a leg every time. EVERY. TIME. These are super cute though. They are hand made in Africa.

Arm Party!

In keeping with the Pug theme, I wore the bracelets I made with my dogs' names on them. I had to show you both sides because the beads are so cute!

Righty had some fun today! First up is an Alex and Ani inspired Pug bracelet from Etsy. Next is a leather wrap I found at the Tory Burch outlet when I was in Florida. That's followed by a Jules Smith cuff I had gotten many moons ago from Little Black Bag. I love the wooden hearts on the ends. And lastly, is a rhinestone bangle from Fornash that just arrived in the mail earlier this week. (I may or may not have had a little too much fun during their memorial day/moving sale.)

Ok, on to my riding outfit! Not to brag, but I've been having lots of fun with my riding outfits this week. Since it's so late in the day, I'm going to give you a bonus outfit! Not one, but TWO riding outfits today! One at a time though. Be patient.

 I was feeling lazy about snapping pics with my watch, so this full outfit pic is a little weak. But you get the idea. I'm starting to think that Annie's Equestrian and US Polo Assn are in cohoots with their color schemes. There is a polo shirt to match every pair of Annie's I have!

Top: US Polo Assn
 Why yes, the binding on the sleeve and the giant pony DO match my breeches. Thanks for noticing! Zulily featured this brand a few weeks ago, and I stocked up on new polo shirts. Mine were getting pretty icky.

Breeches: Annie's Equestrian
 I think this color was called Berry? But honestly I can't remember. I've had them awhile. So long, some of the bling has come off. I still love them though. They're like riding in jammies. SO COMFY!

Belt: LV inspired
 Another ebay special...

Boots: Horka

I know! How pretty are these babies They're distressed leather, so totally a different color than my brown Tuffriders. Totally. I think I will get a comparison post written soon, but in the meantime, I will tell you, these are ridiculously comfortable for new boots. I had a terrible time zipping them up, but once I got them on, they molded right to my leg.  So much in love with them. I got them from the Connected Rider. The spurs and straps both came from Horseloverz. Spurs are from Centaur and the straps are Ovation.

Now for outfit number 2:
 I've clearly been on an Annie's kick lately. This whole outfit is from various small businesses.

Breeches: Annie's Equestrian
 These are the Original Blue color. It's pretty much exactly the color of your favorite jewelry company's boxes. So pretty! But try not to let you horse slobber all over them...

T-shirt: Hunt Club
 Hunt Club has the cutest t-shirts! They run very true to size and hold up great in the washer and dryer. Important for a screen printed tee. So many of them fade really quickly.

Belt: Mane Jane
As if it needed an introduction... Have you gotten one yet??

Ok, that's all I have for you today. Maybe next week I'll have some running clothes to share.  What do you have on? Talk to me in the comments!