Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What's Up Wednesday!

Wednesday already! Time really flies by when you're only having fun and not working doesn't it? I already miss vacation. SO MUCH!

My trainer let me ride every day while I was down in Florida. Most days I rode Charlie, but I did get to ride her grand prix horse Casino one day too. He's a very tall, handsome chestnut. And is a BLAST to ride! Unfortunately, it rained quite a bit overnight a few days so the ring wasn't good for jumping. We mostly rode out on the grass field. It's nice to have options!
Charlie sucking on his tongue


Casino and Artie

Charlie again looking adorable
I set jumps for my trainer one day too. She jumps a lot bigger than I do!
On Sunday, we stopped by the horse show to watch some jumpers. It was a gorgeous day, and fun to get over to the show for a little while.
The International Ring as seen from the bridge
Other than horses, I spent some time with the family in the afternoons. One day we all went shopping together at the Colonade shops at Sawgrass. The outlets there are ridiculously high end. Think Gucci, Prada, Escada... It was fun!
Hello new Tory Burch boots!
We had a nice quiet New Year's Eve that included a delicious steak and crab legs dinner, watching some Fargo, and barely staying awake to see the ball drop. My kind of quiet evening!
Before I knew it, it was Monday and time to head home. I was excited to get back to my fur kids, but not so excited to return to the tundra. I really much prefer warm weather!
It's been busy since I've been home, but not with anything worth writing about. Just the usual: work, pony grooming (the ground is too frozen to ride on), housework (no I haven't unpacked yet...), and hanging with the puggers!

So that's what's up this Wednesday! What's up with you? Did you do anything fun and exciting for New Years? Take a trip? Have a great ride? Run a road race? I don't make resolutions, but now that it's too cold to ride, I'm hoping to get back on the treadmill and get my fitness back. I have to wait a few days since I am rather sore from my little driveway tumble the other day. I imagine I'll be ready by the weekend.

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