Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thursday's Threads

Happy Outfit day everyone! We're still having beautiful weather here in New England: sunny everyday with highs in the mid to upper seventies. I'm not going to pretend like I don't miss the 80 degrees. I do. I miss them terribly. But this isn't so bad. With the shift in weather comes a shift in sleeve length too. So you're going to be seeing a lot less of my arms going forward! Here's what I'm wearing today:

Wow that photo looked a lot better on my phone than it does on this blog! Sorry about that. As you can see, I'm well covered for these chillier temps and have started bringing the boots back out.

Top: Elie Tahari for Design Nation (Found at Kohl's)
This top is ridiculous in all the best ways. I love that it's black and white but the cabs are yellow. I get a late Autumn feel from this top for some reason... The arms are sheer on this one so it's perfect for this time of year when it's warm in the afternoon but cool in the morning.

Pants: Bamboo Jeans
I'm currently obsessed with moto-style pants. I saw these on Zulilly for 9.99 and was all, "get in my cart!" I should have gotten a size smaller I think, but they will likely shrink some when I dry them. Bigger is always better than smaller! I love the throwback feel of these with the acid wash and zippers at the ankles. So fun!

Boots: Passions
I've had these awhile now. Also from Zulilly, I think they were in the same price range as the pants! They're synthetic leather which normally isn't my thing, but they're very soft and comfy so I made an exception.

Arm Parties!
I must warn you, the arm candy is a little ridiculous today.

 See? Ridiculous. But so fun! Both of these crazy spikey bracelets were from the late Little Black Bag. They're stretchy and plastic. Quality ;)

This chunky stretch bracelet was also from Little Black Bag. I had to wear all spikes today to match the baddassery that is my moto jeans. I'm hoping I can get my giant calves into my spikey tall boots from a couple of years ago once winter gets closer.

I didn't take any riding outfit photos this week (sorry!) but in lieu of that, I will share the outfit I wore to Yom Kippur services yesterday. Why you ask? Well... fox shoes. That's why.

I was a little worried this was a big short for synagogue. But it hits at the knee so I decided it was fine. 

Dress: Emily & Fin (via Modcloth)
I love the vintage feel of this dress and the fact that it has pockets! Plus it's hunter green. So obviously it's the best dress ever.

 Cardigan: Juicy Couture (SUPER OLD!)
The fabric buttons feel so vintage to me, so I thought it would pair well with the polka dot dress. I love the little ruffle effect on the bottom and on the sleeves. You can see that detail in the full length photo above.

Shoes: T.U.K. Shoes
Right? Cutest shoes ever made. I know. They're a hunter green velvet with faux leather foxes! Look at the little tail in the back! Ah! If you see these ever, get them. They're really comfy and so so cute!

Ok, that's all I have for today. What are you wearing? Is it cooling off where you live?


  1. Can I just... come steal all of your clothes? I mean, they won't fit me but DAMN they're so cute!!

    1. I bet I have some that will! I seriously need someone to come over and take some of them... I'm running out of space!
      And thank you! I'm a total shop-a-holic. I should probably be ashamed.

    2. I have the same polkadot dress as you! I'll have to take a pic! :)

    3. You do?! Don't you love it! Definitely take a pic!