Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

Phew! Wednesdays have turned into a crazy work day. I may have to become a responsible blogger and start drafting my weekly catch ups on Tuesday nights!
This was a fun week! While I still haven't made my big running comeback (it's coming I swear!) I've still been plenty busy with horse showing, work, and the short kids. And maybe some fun too!

Short Kids:
Not too much new with the littles. They're mostly just living the life, eating stuff they shouldn't, and being generally adorable.

Tall Kids:

The Duck is currently in the midst of a testing phase. So you will not see photos of him enjoying grassy snacks. Naughty honies don't get snacks. I suspect he'll be back to his new acts-like-a-real-horse self in no time. He does after all, think from his belly. Here he is wishing he was on the other side of the fence:

Rio is doing great! His foot has no squishy spots left, and now we're just waiting for it grow back down. I don't think it will be long. That horse grows hoof (and hair for that matter) like nothing I've ever seen.

Jampy went to a horse show this weekend at Westbrook. I was curious to see how he would behave as we were showing in the indoor ring. We haven't been in one of those in over a year... He actually was fantastic!
My flat class went first. He was a good boy, but we were a little too slow (hey, I'll take quiet any day!) and finished up in second out of three riders.
 Next I had two fence classes. The first was quite nice. He rode softly and did everything I requested. We were second again, this time out of four. The next class was so-so. There was a vertical set across the short side of the ring, up at the far end. That was our first jump, off the right lead. We then had to turn left to get to the two stride on the diagonal.

That hard part went ok, but it was pretty tricky! Just getting to the first jump was awkward. The in gate was down before jump 6, so you had to kind of circle around the first jump to get to it. Jamp got a little strong after jump four because he thought he was going straight to the oxer out of the line, but he came back to me quickly. I didn't keep enough leg out of the turn to the last line past the in gate, so he nearly trotted on me. But he didn't. Good boy. We were second again. Red ribbon kind of day!

My last class was the Connecticut Adult Medal. This one goes toward qualifying for next year, so it's nice to get going early with that. The course was almost identical to the one I just showed you, but at the end you finished over the single on the far side of the ring. We had a lovely course finally! The canter was smooth and mostly stayed the same. I didn't get too picky at Jamp's mouth and managed to find some nice distances right out of stride. I was confident going back in for the flat phase. The judge kept the flat short and sweet, and we won! Woohoo! Nice way to end the day.


I mentioned last week that I was leaving work early to go see the Yankees play for my last time this year. I love going to Yankee Stadium. Mostly for the baseball but also for the eating of bad food. And the giveaways can be pretty neat too!

My coworker, his wife, and I attend this same giveaway game every year for the last 7 years. It's sponsored by MetLife and the giveaways are Peanuts themed.
See Snoopy over by home plate?
The first three years the item was a stuffed animal Snoopy doll. He wore the home jersey, the warm up shirt, and the away jersey through the years. When they ran out of new outfits for him, they switched to bobble-heads. This year it was Schroeder, and he's the catcher.

I've been keeping my collection at work. Here's everyone together:

Clearly, we need to keep attending this game so I can have the whole team! I didn't take pictures of my ice cream because it was super hot and it was melting everywhere. But here are some of the other terrible foods I enjoyed (they were all delicious!):

Ribbon Fries... basically potato chips. SO GOOD!
We all shared this bucket of chicken fingers and french fries. Mmmm fried everything!
Speaking of eating... We celebrated Rosh Hashana this week which is the Jewish New Year. My mom made a delicious dinner for all of us. I was trying to be a good family member and not have my phone at the table so I didn't get any photos of the celebration. But you'll have to trust me, it was tasty! I did grab some photos of old pictures my mom has in the house of me and my old horses Bud and Cosmo. I don't have copies of them, so I figured that was a good way to get some:

Ah to be young again. Bud and I are on the left circa 1993 (I would have been 13) and the right picture is of Cosmo and Me in 1999. This was the summer after my freshman year of college making me 19.

So that's what's up with me this Wednesday! What's up with you? Do anything fun this week? Clog your arteries like I did?


  1. OMG! Clear helmet straps and full chaps! Totally dating ourselves lol

    1. Right?! I need to find these chaps, I know I still have them somewhere!

  2. Hahah short kids and tall kids. I love your bedding! Very stylish + horsey :)

  3. I miss those clear harness helmets! Congrats on the medal win.

    1. Thank you!
      I know, I loved those helmets! They were so much less expensive and you could buy new harnesses too!