Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday's Threads

Happy Thursday everyone! I'm pretty excited because I'm only working a half day today. Woohoo! Also, I got to see the sun for a few seconds this morning. It's been elusive the last few days. As I'm sure you are aware, Autumn is in full swing around here, and that can mean only one thing: Boot Season! I've already had some boots on Thursday's Threads, but figured I should warn you to expect them for awhile.

Autumn at the Farm, featuring my best friend Rio
So here's what I'm wearing today:

Simple, comfortable, equestrian chic! (My go-to style, duh!)

Top: Ralph Lauren
The actual color is more hunter green as seen in the full length photo above, but I wanted to show you the cute button detail on the shoulders. I like the boat neck on this sweater a lot. It takes a very simple, classic cable knit sweater and gives it a little update. But I really love that it can be machine washed and dried!

Pants: Vigold
These are the strangest colored pants I've ever seen. Kind of a mustard. I don't really like the color all that much on its own. Oddly though, once part of an outfit, they seem to work great with lots of different tops. Strange.

Boots: Lucky Brand
Those that know me personally, are aware that I can't stand fake riding boots. Probably because I have VERY EXPENSIVE real riding boots. But apparently I make exceptions if they're brown. And these boots. The craziest thing? These actually fit me a lot better than my real riding boots, which were supposed to be custom made. Go figure.If only they didn't have a zipper on the inside of the leg, I'd probably just ride in them! They also have an adorable lining:
Belt: Ralph Lauren
This belt is adorable with it's little Kimberwick bit. But two things bother me about it. First, the bit is actually upside down. But it's monogrammed so it would look even more silly if I wore it the other way. The second thing is the chain hanging above my crotch... Not sure how I feel about that. Probably would mind it less if the bit was going the right direction! But I do think the belt is cute which is why I bought it in the first place. Plus it was super on sale.

Nothing you haven't seen before, but they sure do look nice together don't they? My Gucci ebay bracelet, a Shashi bracelet, my trusty watch, and a stretchy bangle that I can't seem to remember where I got it... But I do love it!

This was a FIND! When I was vacationing on Nantucket a few weeks ago, this pretty bracelet caught my eye on a shelf labeled $10.00. WHAT?! This is a Rebecca Ray leather cuff. They retail for $78.00! Probably not my first pick for color, but for $10? Yes please. The color in the photo is a little off, it's actually nearly the same shade as my pants.

So that's today's outfit! What are you wearing? Have you taken out the tall boots yet?

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