Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thursday's Threads: Neon Edition

Neon: It's not JUST for outdoor sports! It's been rainy, dark, and gloomy here for the last few days, and when that happens, I always feel the need to brighten things up! So today, I decided to throw some neon at my coworkers.

I could have gone overboard with neon pink pants, but I decided this is 2014, not 1985. Maybe next time though!

Sweater: Abercrombie (via TJ Maxx, duh):
Cami: Forever 21

This sweater is SO SOFT! It's a cotton blend so I can wash and dry it. And I really love the little Abercrombie Moose, which is on the left side in the same color stitching. Very subtle. See:

Pants: Seven

Oops. I wore the same ones last week. SOMEBODY CALL THE FASHION POLICE! I've committed a faux pas! Whatever. They're cute and comfy. And they do a nice job of toning down the crazy top!

Shoes: Gotta Flurt

I love these sneaks! You can't really tell from the photo, but the tongue is covered in glitter. What's better than neon and glitter? No really, tell me. Cause I can't think of a thing. (Except ponies and pugs of course!)

Belt: Betsey Johnon:
The other side is leopard print. Yep. It's awesome.


Leftie's and the big rubber one on the right arm all came from a subscription box. It's called Boodle Box... The target audience is tweens. Yeah. I get a sub box for tweens. And it's awesome. You should check it out here and totally order one too. The hot pink pyramid bracelet is from Forever 21.

So that's my day! What do you think of the neon look? Ridiculous? Way too young for me? Totally inappropriate for the work place? If you answered all of the above, you're probably right. But this amateur doesn't mind at all!


  1. I have been debating subscribing to boodle box for the longest time... yes it is teen/tween box but it's cute and cute is my weakness :(

    1. You definitely wouldn't regret it. I think it's my favorite box. Seriously.