Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sunshine makes me happy

I hope you all were able to enjoy the holiday weekend! It started off a little unstable in CT... Wind, rain, and cold. So cold... Frost warning cold. At the end of May. Not ok Mother Nature. NOT OK! Thankfully things turned around for Monday, and it was a gorgeous day! I don't have tons of exciting news to share so I figured I'd give you a little weekend recap for today.
Saturday was a complete waste of a day for me. I mean it. I got up at 7 to feed the four-leggeds out in the barn. My dog P stayed in bed.

I decided she had the right idea, and climbed right back in after feeding. It was kind of glorious to lounge around like a sloth for an hour watching old Full House episodes. Finally around 8:45 I dragged myself out of bed and made some breakfast. And sat around a little longer eating it and watching Golden Girls. (Old sitcoms are the BEST!) Finally I could put it off no longer and went out to clean stalls and potentially ride. I did the chores and let the horses go out to play in the rain. But never did ride. The driving rain, 25 mph winds, and seeing the whites of the equines' eyes was enough warning for me. I did at least get Jamp's mane shortened and braided over. It was really out of control. And then it was pretty much bed time. Long day of doing nothing!
Sunday, while still cold and windy, was much less rainy (though not completely rainless). I did actually get out of bed and STAY out of bed at 7, so that was a big step in the right direction! Did barn chores, and rode all three horses by 2:30. That's pretty amazing. What's MORE amazing is that the horses were all very good. With the wind, and the three days off they had I really was expecting some rodeo moves from them. But they all were great, making me one happy equine mommy! Since I finished up so early, I got the house straightened up and a load of laundry done before heading out for a short run.
I've been inconsistent with running to say the least. It's down to about twice a week if I'm lucky lately. I think it's good to take a little break, and actually want to go out running now, so I'm pretty ok with it. My last few runs have been really slow, between 10 and 10 1/2 minute miles. Whoa. But I was so motivated Sunday, I actually pulled off a much quicker run. Not a PR for me by any means, but given the recent runs, a HUGE improvement. See:
I then followed up my run with Chinese food and Ben & Jerry's. Hey, it's a holiday weekend!
And finally Monday. Monday was GORGEOUS. It started off on the cool side, but full of sunshine. It eventually warmed up into the upper 70's. Amazing day. Here are the boys enjoying the morning:
Jamp did a little jumping and was the best he's been so far this season. I think he's ready to get to a horse show! (Finally!) My step-mom came to ride Rio and he was a little angel for her. He's extra careful with her which is just adorable to watch. My dad had stopped by just in time to watch Ducky go too. It was perfect since my dad hadn't seen him go yet. We jumped a few small jumps, and he was also very good. Maybe the few days off was just what they needed.
After horsey time, I threw a load of laundry in the washer and went outside to be slothful again with P. It was so warm in the sun, we just sat outside for an hour and did absolutely nothing.
How was your 3 day weekend? Did you have better weather where you live? Do anything fun and exciting?

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