Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Truthful Tuesday

You all are gonna judge me for this one.... Have at it though. #noregrets!
So I just found out my favorite local tack store is closing its doors. (We're just about out of tack stores around here...) The owner has decided it's time to retire. Can't argue that I guess. But still. Sad face.
  On the bright side, you know what a retiring tack store owner means? SALES! We all know I love a good sale. And retail therapy always helps when you're sad. Even if you're sad because the retail location is leaving. So at the end of the day, the whole thing cancels out. Emotionally at least. So today's confession is that I had a bit of a shopping spree. This particular store doesn't carry much actual tack that I like, but they do have some great apparel.
I won't keep you in suspense any longer, here's what I snagged in the closing sale:
Let's just address the elephant immediately shall we? Yes that is a Samshield helmet in that photo. Do I need a new show helmet?  Lol. I don't even show. BUT would it be awesome to not have to bring one back and forth to Florida? Yes! Helmets are a drag to pack. You have to take them in a carry on because the fluctuating temps in the cargo hold mess with the integrity of the helmet, blah, blah, blah. Helmets are bulky and stupid to travel with. By having a second one, I can keep one in FL and one up here. Total win. And even better, I paid for this entire haul with braiding this weekend. So it's like it never even happened.
I got Rio some new no bow wraps. He has a bowed tendon (got to the bottom of THAT issue, more tomorrow) so he's wearing wraps all the time now. I like to be able to rotate them so I don't have to constantly do laundry. I stocked up on hairnets, and got a pair of show gloves to keep with my new helmet.
 The boys got a couple buckets of treats. I got a stuffed pony for each of my nieces. One turns 5 on May 7th, and the other will be 2 on May 6th. Yep, one day apart. That should be fun for their parents when they're tweens! Ha!
  I also grabbed a cute t-shirt with a fox on it from Ariat (50% off!)
and a sunshirt from RJ Classics that I've been drooling at for awhile.
Other than the helmet, I don't think I was too crazy. And I mean I do hope to show again some day, so now I'm totally prepared! Right? Right.
Have you done any tack shopping lately? What'd ya get?!


  1. Now that is a great haul! Sad to see places shut down but a good deal helps ease the pain :P

  2. Ooooh fun haul 😍 but sad about the tack store closing 🙁

  3. Fun haul! Def. sad to see the local tack shop closing its doors.

    I did a big online order and had it shipped to a friend's in the US (I'm in Canada) - fly sheets for 2 horses, treats, supplements and stuff for the barn - stall guards, etc. I even sort of forget the rest of the order! lol I'm going to pick it up in 2 weeks so it will be a surprise!

  4. A local tack store near me just did the same thing, and I bought so many totally unnecessary items #noregrets tho

    1. But you have a new horse, so all items are necessary! What did you get??

  5. Is the sale over? Can you go get me a samshield helmet too?

    1. It's still going on! I don't know what she has left, but you should give her a call! She'll definitely ship. Here's the number: (860) 767-0777
      You should tell them I sent you :)

  6. I'm super late to the party, but what's new. It is always sad when a local shop closes.

    The tack store where I work carries Samshield. I keep trying them on and no matter what liner is in them, they don't fit my head very well. They are such pretty helmets though.

    Also, I have that sunshirt and I love it!!!

    1. Oh that's such a bummer! I have a fairly oval head. I got the premium helmet and swapped out for the liner that comes in the other one. It fits well for me.

      I love it too! Can't wait to wear it soon. It's been chilly here, but warm weather is coming!