Wednesday, October 11, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

I mentioned last week that I was taking a couple days off work over Columbus Day weekend. Originally I was just going to take a half day Friday as my family was going to Nantucket. I decided instead to take a full day so I could ride first. And then I had a really stressful few days at work and took Monday off too because I needed some time away from hostile customers. It was a great decision.
This lead change photo has no relevance. Please enjoy the tail swish.
But first let's talk about Thursday evening... I got home from work and Rio was laying down. Rio's definitely a firm believer in naps, but that's not his usual nap time. So I felt a little concerned. He didn't appear uncomfortable though, so I decided to leave him be until after I threw hay. Usually that gets him up anyway. Only it didn't. So now I'm trying not to panic. (Read: I'm starting to panic.) but as I was about to go in his stall he got up. Phew. Well. Phew for a second. Until I saw that every time he tried to put weight on his left leg, his entire body started trembling. "Holy shit. This is it. This is THE THING. OMG. What will I do with Jampy here all alone." Nope, no drama here. Promise! So whilst panicking internally, I was still calm, cool, and collected outwardly. I went in there and picked up his foot. I've never in my life been so happy to see a rock wedged under a pad. Seriously. Best thing I ever saw. I pulled the rock out from under his flip flop pad and he seemed much happier. It was obviously tender, the rock had been pressing right on his frog. But he was totally fine. Holy crap. That was a close one.

Friday was a BEAUTIFUL day! It was right around 80 degrees and the sun was even out. I took full advantage of the nice day to finally have a little jump school with Jampy. Other than a few raised cavalletti here and there, we haven't jumped since before all the fence drama (which isn't over yet if you're wondering). Since it's been awhile, I kept the jumps low, but we had a great time!

Sorry about the poor lighting and terrible screen shots. I need to rig up a new holder for my phone with the new fence, and I didn't have time for such things on Friday.
I tried to take Jampy out for grass and for some pretty pony photos, but I didn't get much before he started freaking out.
don't mind the dark shadow, look at the pretty sky!
I wanted to see what Rio looked like after the rock incident, so rather than ride him, I threw him on the lunge line.
Looked pretty good to me! Well, he looked great to the left, but a bit sore going right still. We quit after just a few minutes and went out for grass instead. He's much better at posing for pretty pony pictures.

And then it was off to Nantucket for the weekend!
We arrived around 4:30 and got settled at the houses. The plan was to go out for a delicious lobster dinner but womp womp, the lobster place was already closed for the season. We found another place to go though, and were home early for a quiet evening.
Saturday started off bright and early with a power yoga class for my step mom and me. I've never done power yoga, and it's a killer! It was fun though, I wouldn't mind doing it again. After that we headed home to meet up with the family. We had a nice lunch and went over to the cranberry festival.

I had no idea cranberries were such a big thing on Nantucket. But I do now!

This photo is even funnier if you view the live version
There were hay rides and a band, and lots and lots of cranberries.

My sister-in-law and I abandoned the family at home for a little while and did some shopping before dinner. Nantucket weekends are mostly about relaxing, so it was an early night. Dinner and we watched a movie at the house. Sunday we all had breakfast in town, and then did some meandering before flying home.
It was stormy and we arrived home a little later than originally planned. Fortunately, the airport is 1/8th of a mile from my house, so I still had time to ride Jampy. I decided to let Rio have one more day off. Partly because I thought it would be good for his foot, and partly because I had to get my dogs from my mom, and she gets cranky if I come too late.
I was hoping to jump Jamp a little on Monday, but it turned out to be a crummy day. It was raining lightly all morning. I did get on both boys in the drizzle, but we didn't do much jumping. I spent the rest of the day doing some decluttering in the house and getting groceries. Guess some adulting had to be done at some point that weekend!
It's at the point in the season where it's dark when I ride both horses now, so no jumping until Saturday. Weather permitting of course.
That's what's up this Wednesday! What's up with you? Did you get to show this weekend? Get away for the holiday? Did you even get the holiday off? We don't at my work. Glad I took it though!


  1. I had the holiday off and took a long trail ride! At least you had a fun weekend, even if the weather was less cooperative on Monday ☺️

    1. That ride looked like so much fun!
      The rain day was actually just fine. I got a lot done that needed doing.