Wednesday, June 14, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

I have lots of pony news to share, AND I even have media! Woohoo! I also have bug bites. But we've already covered in that in Truthful Tuesday. So let's get right to it, shall we?
Jampy had a follow up with our vet on Thursday and we got the go ahead to get back to work. He's feeling better than he has in two years, so I'm cautiously optimistic we'll actually get to show this summer. With the go ahead to get to work, we did a little jumping on Saturday. It seems however, that Jamp was either REALLY unimpressed with my 2'3"-2'9" course, or he has completely forgotten how to jump:

He's literally just cantering over them. No hope, no scope?
This one was a little better:
But what's that other leg doing down there?! Oh boy. We have some work to do. It was great to get started though. Fingers crossed he stays sound!
see?! We left the ring!
 On Sunday, it was really hot and the ring was super dry and dusty, so I decided to ride Jamp on the grass in my yard instead. It's a little bit hilly, so I figured he would get a decent work out in with less time out in the sun if we played out there. It seems I was right as he thought the hills were super hard. (It's really not that hilly.) Maybe we'll have to ride out there more often to build up some muscles.

My tentative plan for Jampy is to get some lessons, and hopefully go to some horse shows in July. We'll probably stick to the 3' adult equitation and medals, but if all is going well, maybe we'll try some low adult jumpers! Or maybe this soundness thing is fleeting and we'll hang out at home again... Only time will tell.

not sure why he looks kinda skinny here? He's not in real life.
As for Romey... Apparently I overreacted to his having a broken leg? While he won't ever be able to be a show hunter with his mechanical imperfections, doc says he's more than capable of having a job. Possibly even a jumping job. Who knew? I mean, if I had a broken leg I wouldn't be into any of that, but maybe that's just me.
We've been doing our usual thing. The injections did seem to help some in that he has more impulsion and is using himself a bit better. But he's still less sound to the right than the left. If anyone out there in blog land wants a project that's mechanically unsound... you know who to call!

I don't have much to report on Mr. Perfect, other than him being perfect.  His blood work all came back great, and he does not have cushings! Woohoo! I didn't ride him during our heat wave, I think mid 90's is too hot for the old man, but he enjoyed a good scrubby tubby and lots of grass.
The farmers market started back up this weekend, so the horses were super happy to get carrots with the greens still on:
Badger was at HITS this weekend. He didn't end up showing because he ripped his shoe off along with half his foot. Luckily, he's completely sound, but we had to switch to a glue on shoe. The rings were really wet and muddy, so trainer opted to not show him in case the mud sucked his shoe off. Wise decision on her part. That horse sure comes up with lots of excuses not to show though! I'm not sure when I'll ride him again. My dad is taking the family out to Nantucket for Father's Day weekend, so I won't be riding him this weekend. Next weekend is the Saratoga horse show, and I kind of wanted to go up there for a few days. But I may stay home to ride instead. Still undecided.

And that's pretty much all that's up this Wednesday. What's up with you? Any shows coming up?


  1. Schooling show for me on Saturday 🎉

    1. FUN! I can't wait to read all about it! Good luck!


    1. Such foreign concepts! Haha! So excited to be getting back at it!