Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thursday's Threads

It's OUTFIT DAY! My favorite day! It's also my fake Friday, so I'm even more excited for that. To top it off, we're having a lunch time meeting with pizza! Not a bad Thursday my friends.
Despite it being 97 degrees out on Wednesday, it's going to top out in the low 70's today. So long sleeves were a must today.
But obviously spring colors are also a must.

Top: Odille
So... this top is 16 years old. I bought it when I was in college. Should I be ashamed of that? Should I still be wearing it? I dunno the answer to those questions, but I do know that I still think it's really pretty. It's a bit less roomy than it was 16 years ago... but it's stretchy so that helps! I really love the pink threads that are used instead of stripes. It's a really unique piece that's also still really classic.

Jeans: Hudson
I found this lone pair of pants hiding on the clearance rack when I was in Florida last. They look kind of beige in this photo, but they are actually the palest of pink. I thought they were really different, and was so excited they happened to be my size!

Belt: C Wonder

I found this years ago, I think on Rue La La. I love the stirrup buckle and the bit accents on the sides. (Obviously I had to make this outfit at least a little pony related.)

Shoes: T.U.K.

I nearly forgot how perfectly my unicorn shoes would match this outfit! Thank goodness I remembered! They really are perfect, aren't they?

Arm Party!
Lefty is sporting a wide, pink and gold Clic-clac bracelet along with my trusty apple watch

Righty went with some dainty string bracelets. The first two are both from Ettika and the pretty wave bracelet is from Pura Vida.

And my riding outfit from last night:
Can you see who's featured on that tee?! Can you???

Top: Teespring
That's right, it's Amanda Chance's baby boy, Presto (of the900facebookpony fame of course)! I picked this shirt up in the second round of fundraising for the little guy. He's had a terribly rough start to life, but he's warrior and I'm proud to support his recovery.

Breeches: unbranded
I got these a couple of years ago at Equine Affair. They're unbranded, which is sad because I really love them, and would love to find more. As you can see, they're looking pretty washed out these days.

Belt: Mane Jane
You've seen it a million times. I can guarantee you'll see it a million more.

Half Chaps: Cavallo
Boots: Cavallo
Spurs: Color Tack
Spur Straps: Stacie Originals
I'm still really loving this set from Cavallo. They get even more comfy with wear! The spurs from Color Tack are the exact same shade of blue, which is kind of amazing. My homemade spur straps aren't exact, but since they have a metallic sheen, they work well with the rest of the set up.

Helmet: Charles Owen JR8
So, I gotta say it. I don't love this hat as much as the others. The JR8 has a little bit different fit and it kind of gives me a headache. I'm going to try it with a different hair net and see if that helps though. I do love how it looks!

And that's what I'm wearing today! Any favorites? What are you wearing? Have any new gear you're excited about?


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    1. Thanks! They'd go well with your helmet cover! Well... no, because you wouldn't ride in them.

  2. Those unicorn shoes are cracking me up 😂

    1. I like that they are staring lovingly at each other, haha!

  3. You always have the match locked up

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! Everyone needs a pair (or two... shut up) of Unicorn shoes!