Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What's Up Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday everyone! It's finally a gorgeous day here in CT. It's in the 70's and the sun is out! Can you believe it?! I can't believe it.
As you probably already read via Truthful Tuesday, I didn't have a very productive week with the equines. So I guess this will be a short post. And not much about horses.
I think first I should share the most exciting news: I became an Auntie for the second time on Friday night! My sister-in-law went into labor on Friday morning and my brother was updating the family via group text throughout the day. My favorite was this one:

My mom and I went to meet little Ellie Saturday morning:

Here we are discussing when to get a pony.

In other big news, I am going to be a contributing reviewer over at Beeju Boxes! Beeju will be sending me some Lego boxes to review to get started which I'm pretty excited about. I will also be reviewing some of the subs that I've talked about here like Nicole's Creations and maybe Heart to Horse box. We shall see! But definitely check out Beeju Boxes if you're curious about any sort of subscription boxes. Beeju features all kinds from Korean Beauty to Kawaii, to snacks, to stationary... Seriously, everything.

GTO is back in CT! He's staying with trainer lady for a bit, but eventually he'll come home. I can't wait to ride him this weekend!!! Oh and also, I discovered he's turning FIVE in June, not 6... So he's even more advanced than I thought.
Old photo, because I haven't gotten to see him yet
Today is Romey's 7th birthday!
Happy Birthday Romes!

I have some random horse stuff to talk about too. As mentioned, the vet was out Friday for what I like to call spring maintenance. On the docket was Jamp's paranoia, Romey's allergies, and Rio's sore foot. And here are some things we came up with:
Jamp likely has neurological lyme disease. This doesn't normally show up in a titer, which is why his looks fine when we do the test. But it does tend to make the horses kind of nutty and spooky. We put him on Doxy though an IV antibiotic  might be more effective. We discussed that route, but decided to try the Doxy first.
he's stuffing his face WHILE napping. Goals.

For Romey, my vet recommended starting him on local honey. He gets 2 tablespoons (or 30 cc's if you use a syringe to measure) twice a day in his feed. I'm a little jealous... Honey is delicious! He's been on that since Saturday, and I noticed that he's coughing less already. My vet also noticed that where his hives are on his neck is exactly where my reins are rubbing on him. So off came the pretty leather reins and on went a rubber pair. The hives are shrinking already too! I can't believe I didn't notice that on my own... Slacking mom right here!

And for Rio, my vet thinks he just needs a rim pad to lift the shoe away from the sole of his foot a little. Also, he said Rio needs to lose a few lbs... Who doesn't?
Rio's idea of a diet... Salad! amiright?
The puggers have been about as happy with the weather as I have...
snuggling for warmth

And the last bit of what's up is well... these socks:
Why yes, those are pugs riding unicorns. I don't know who comes up with this stuff, but I'm really glad they do. REALLY GLAD!
What's up with you this Wednesday? Any big happenings in your world?


  1. Replies
    1. Right?! I don't even know how much I paid for them. I don't even care. Best. Socks. Ever.

  2. Local honey is great for human allergies too! But I never thought to use it on the horses.

    1. I hadn't either! Makes good sense though. Also, he thinks it's delicious.

  3. Miles has rim pads on his font feet -- they're magical!

    1. They really are! Rio is getting his today. In his old age, his soles are sinking, so it winds up pressing right on the shoe. Ouchy. (Not founder, thank goodness!)

  4. those socks tho

    welcome to the team! :D

    1. Seriously. I want everything I own to be marked with a pug riding a unicorn.

  5. I really want GTO to get to your barn so I can see his cute face more often!

    1. ME TOO! I really can't wait. He staying with trainer the rest of this month, and then I'm hoping to swap him and Romey for a month. Eventually everyone will be home. And I will have to give up sleeping.