Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Truthful Tuesday

Ok, this one's a little icky... But I don't have much else to admit to this week. (Other than the usual slacking with running and hating the cold.) So here it is:
Last night while I was hanging with the Puggers:
I noticed P had a giant swollen tick on her head. Gross. But also kind of a relief as the big ones don't usually carry lyme disease like the little bitty ones. Anyway... I was all, ew that needs to come off right now. So I went to the bathroom to get some vaseline and tissues for the removal. I tried to get P to come with me in case that disgusting thing popped, but she was comfy in the living room. So I rejoined her there. I pull her into my lap and... I can't find the tick. I found where it had been. She must have rubbed it off while I was out of the room. But I CAN'T FIND THE TICK. It is nowhere! Do you think one of them ate it?? It's the only explanation right?
I cleaned the area, and I think it's dead as I found tick remains in there (don't worry, everything is removed) but I can't find that bloody little body. So disgusting. I hope I don't step on it somewhere.

Ok, sorry for being gross. But that's my confession for today. I LOST A TICK! In my house. Ew. So much EW.

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