Monday, November 3, 2014


I didn't have any plans for Halloween other than riding my horses after work, as per the norm. But it was fairly quiet Friday at my job, so I had some time to brainstorm ways to embarrass my four-legged kids. (There's a small chance I'm turning into the equine equivalent of the crazy cat lady.)
Here they are in their costumes:
Pia and Artie:

Ducky, Jamp, and Rio:

And in case you couldn't guess what they dressed up as, here are the side-by sides for your comparison:
Pia as a Pink Fairy:
 Artie as Derek Jeter:
 Ducky as my old horse Bud (aka Just Humour Me):
 Jamp as Rio:
 Rio as Harry Potter:

I think the kids did a great job with their costumes! Hahaha! Yes, clearly I have too much free time these days. But come on, this is hilarious, isn't it? I think Jamp as Rio might be my favorite.
I didn't dress up this year as I didn't have any plans. But I DID wear my awesome pug PJ's to bed.

Did you get wild and crazy for Halloween? What did you dress as? Do you embarrass your pets with costumes?


  1. you kill me ;) those pjs- hahahhahaha love it

    1. Walmart. They had super hero's too, but obviously the pug was the best!

  2. This post makes me happy. I love all your babies!

    I do have costumes for the pugs, but.... well... Bentley tries to eat whatever I try to put on him, and Molly... well... she's gotten a bit rotund in her old age and nothing quite fits her right anymore. Plus, I'm afraid that she'll exact revenge on me in the night. We will see... maybe next year. Happy Halloween!

    1. I bought a bunch on sale awhile back, but they were all girly ones... I had a banana Artie was supposed to wear, but he too is a bit rotund. We'll have to share that with a smaller friend ;) And honestly, they only wore them long enough to take pictures. P thinks clothes are humiliating. She's lucky I didn't duct tape props to her face like I did to the horses! haha!