Monday, November 10, 2014

Productive Weekends are the Best Weekends

I haven't recapped a weekend in a little bit for you all, and I KNOW you're just dying to know how I spend all that free time. No? Well pretend you are, I promise to post lots of pictures!

I had a bunch of things on the to do list for this weekend, though not many of them all that exciting. But I knew if I wanted to get everything done, I needed to make myself a schedule. It's amazing how much you can get done when you stick to a time plan.

Saturday morning I had errands to run. Lots of errands. I got them all done by 11:30 though (as per my schedule) leaving me plenty of time to play with ponies. The kids had Thursday (rain) and Friday (more rain, plus WIND) off, so I knew Jamp would definitely need a lunge before riding. And possibly Ducky too, but maybe not with him. He doesn't get as cuckoo as Jamp tends to. I also decided Rio needed a little cleaning up, so I trimmed his beard and his fetlocks. I took care of Rio first and then worked the other two.

Rio loves selfies... so vain.
I caught him snoozing after I rode Jampy too:

After spoiling Rio with grooming and grass eating, I rode the other kids. Jamp was his nervous self, which is getting really frustrating for both of us. Seriously. He LIVES here! What is so scary now that wasn't last month? If I could see inside that tiny brain of his... I did let him have a little snack when we were done though.

The Duck was great Saturday! He wasn't very fresh despite all the vacation days, which was a huge relief. He was so good, I even rode him out in the yard and let him have a little snack. I do that with Jamp in the summer a lot, but never trusted Ducky enough for it. Until this weekend.

I had hoped to get a run in after playing with ponies, but it wasn't meant to be. I had a Toga Party to attend (no really!) and I needed to find an appropriate sized sheet and figure out how to tie it. And what to wear under it! Here's what I settled on for underneath:

I mean, what better time to wear a Cats and Pugs outfit than under a Toga? Am I right? Plus honestly, where/when else could I possibly wear a cats and pugs outfit? Pretty much never.
Here's my completed Toga outfit:
Not bad! I may stop buying dresses and just wear bed sheets from now on. Seems economical.The party was fun, though I did skip out early when a bunch of the mommy types left. I'm getting old. And Sunday had a lot on the schedule too!

Ok truth... I was a little lazy Sunday morning. I slept in till about 8:30. It was wonderful! Once awake and ready to go, I went out to the barn first. My helper was there taking care of the ponies. So while she was doing the chores, I went out to the ring to remove a broken jump and reconfigure things out there some. I needed a larger area closer to the barn (and the lights!) where I could lunge in the evening if I need to. It didn't take very long, and then I headed out to finish my remaining errands (buy dog food and a birthday present for my brother). I was home by noon and worked the horses again. Jampy jumped a few fences and Ducky even trotted over some poles. Rio got to go out for some grass again. Gotta get that in before it's all frozen and covered in the s-word. (SNOW! Don't be gross.) Also, it was fairly warm out, so I let Rio have his back door open. He appreciated it!
I'm still not quite used to the sun setting so early. It's completely dark out by 5. The problem here is that I wanted to both run 3 miles AND take the dogs for a mile walk. There definitely wasn't time for both in the daylight. So I decided my kids were more important, and out we went! It was a gorgeous evening:

The only good part about it getting dark is early, is that I was back in the house so early, I got it all straightened up AND the laundry done by 8! A whole evening of relaxing with the puggers. Not a bad way to finish a weekend!

Did you do anything fun and exciting this weekend? Have you been to a Toga Party? How are you feeling about these very short days?

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