Monday, September 5, 2016

Sponsored Post: Warby Parker and Killscreen Collaboration

I was approached a few weeks ago to see if I was interested in writing about a new collaboration between the eye glass company Warby Parker and the video game company Killscreen. At first I was thinking... nahhhhh, not my thing. But then I learned a little more about the companies and realized- totally my thing.
Warby Parker's mission is to create a trendy, high quality product, sell it at a reasonable price to consumers, make a profit (obviously, it IS a business after all) and use a portion of that profit to give back. Obviously, I'm pretty much Warby Parker's target consumer. I like pretty things, I'm cheap, and I like to give back when I can.
So what about Killscreen? I don't play too many video games, but I can throw down a mean round of bejeweled blitz! Killscreen focuses on the intersection between video games and arts  and culture. Seems like a smart collab to me!
The game Killscreen created with Warby Parker is pretty addicting and really quite simple. The setting looks like an office desk. You have a pair of Warby Parker's (the collaboration pair, obviously!) a pen cup, a dish, a note pad, and a paper clip. Looks much like my desk minus the plate... Anyway, on the plate different color marbles appear and when like colors are touching you click on them to remove them. If you have no moves, you hit the tilt button to shake the dish. Whenever you do that a different statement appears on the note pad. That doesn't seem to have a real point, but it's clever and they're pretty funny. Click here and scroll down to play!

The glasses are really cute too. They're one part hipster, one part trendy, and two parts super fun. I recently got a new pair of glasses, but I'm definitely going to consider Warby Parker's for my next pair.
The game is free to play, so click the link above if you have one of those endless calls at work you can't hang up from. It will keep you entertained in the mean time! If you'd like to dress up your face with some new Warby Parkers, click this link to get your shopping game on!

I was asked to write this post. I do not benefit in any way if you click the links in this post.

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